Great episode with special guest Ted Alexndro.

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We all survived the NYC earthquake and got together to talk about it. Frankie is in the studio again and he has some show biz advice for Nate.  Chris can’t say a bad word about anyone and Yannis talks more about his intersting living situation.

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Here’s episode 68 and we are all back in the same room just like the good ‘ol days.  We do some catching up on where we are in show biz and what happened in Montreal.  We’ve missed you all.

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We are hanging in the backroom of the East Village bar Kabin after a great comedy show that happens there every Thursday.  Yannis called out sick so we have Rojo Perez sitting in.  We’re talking to our comedy buddies Sean Patton, Chesley Calloway, and Matt Ruby.

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Nate’s in Bonnaroo so we asked Joe List to stop by. He claims he’s been on the show before so we have our buddy Joe List sitting in. Joe lays it all on the line for what is one of the best episodes ever. Buy Joe’s CD on iTunes “So Far, No Good”.

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Here’s 63. We’ve got our got our good friend Louis Katz sitting in. Yannis had a huge weekend, Nate has been reviewed, Frankie has another cheese cake update and Chris’s got nothing. Check out Louis at

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Boy, oh boy did we miss you folks.  We’re all finally back togather….so let’s fight.  We thought the rapture was coming so we were all a little on edge.  Well, we’re all still here so the next episode might be a little awkward. 

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Episode 61.  We’re all finally back together.  The Laker Awards were huge, Yannis is selling out,  Nate is looking to going Hollywood and Frankie is on the verge of becoming a cheesecake tycoon. 

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Episode 60 already?  Last week no Nate, this week no Yannis.  We’ve got our good buddy, Comedian Pat Dixon, hanging out with us. 

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No Nate, no problemo.  59 episodes and our 1st one without Nate.  Yannis is thinking about making some shanges to the show.  Frankie is here and talking about an exciting new direction in his comedy career.

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